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Bike Motor

Are you looking for the perfect bike motor? If you want to choose the perfect motor for your needs keep reading and find out which ones could be the most suited for your particular situation.

The motor is an important part of your bike as it determines not only your speed but also how smoothly the bike runs. There are several kinds of engine that you can buy in the market today. Some can be bought in bike motor stores; others over the internet. Although gasoline-powered engines are still the standard, there are many electric-powered entering the market. Here are some of the brands for both kinds that you might want to consider when buying.

Bike Motors That Run on Gasoline or Battery Pack

The Power Cruiser is considered the standard when it comes to bikes that run on gasolines. The motor will be able to stretch a gallon of gasoline for more than 140 miles and can run at 3 hp at max rpm. Although some are already switching to electric bike motors nowadays because of the rising costs of fuel, many still feel that gasoline-powered engines are more reliable since the technology for the electric-powered bike motors is still in the developing stage. For those who do not want to risk buying an electric bike motor but are concerned about the costs, the power cruiser is still an affordable alternative. It does not waste gasoline. Another thing you will like about the Power Cruiser is its ease of installation and use. This is American-made so you can be sure that it is sturdy and is made with quality materials.

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Then there is also the EROS bike motor, which is pretty affordable. It is easy to install since you only need to bolt a plastic part to hold the motor in place against the wheel of your bike. The battery pack, on the other hand, is placed on the tubing where the water bottle is often placed. Since this is an electric motor, it needs pedaling to conserve the energy in the battery pack. EROS can travel the distance of more than 10 miles without pedaling.

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Here, on this website, you will find a bike motor that suits your needs. As you will see, bike motors will help you enjoy your bike like never before.

The Pro-drive Bike Motor – Another Option Worth Considering

Another bike motor that you might consider buying is the Pro-drive by Currie Technologies. I love the clutch, which has an option for freewheeling. Thus, normal pedaling is very easy, should you need it. Other things that I like about the Pro-drive are its torque quality, its DC motor and the precise control that the motor gives you. Since this is reliant on battery, it is important that it remains in power while you are traveling. So far, the reviews for the Pro-drive battery has been satisfactory. Another great thing is the customer service. Curie Technologies has the best technical support out there. The company gives prompt replies to any concerns that you may have and their customer service is fast and reliable.